Feeling crazy – its not you, its everyone!! You need a time out.

I know this because after two parents’ meetings this week I have heard this a lot.

There are a LOT of factors which contribute to feeling like this –

  • having a child or children constantly attached to you like a koala bear
  • sleep deprivation (need I describe this further)
  • guilt. guilt that you’re not the best SAHM or guilt that you work or guilt that one child gets more attention than another. we could probably dedicate an entire post to Mom Guilt
  • being stuck indoors with a sick child
  • trying to balance all the families needs and all their personalities

You need a time out my friend. Not a stay in the naughty corner or go to your room time out but a YOU focused time out from those people you love unconditionally. It may sound cold but as soon as you get to your destination you’ll want to go back immediately and when you’ve actually done your YOU focused activity you will be so refreshed you’ll understand the value.

So here are some excellent ideas, well according to me ūüôā

Spoil yourself


Get a mani or a pedi. I think this is one of my favorites because it’s a great time out with the added bonus of feeling pretty. In a similar vein you could get a facial or a massage. Nails I’d go to St Ives Nails if you’re up North in the burbs.


Take a Class


Take a class, any evening class or group that is just about you. I’m doing Yoga and I am horribly bad at it but I’m going to try stick it out, I may even not wear my pants on backwards again.


Have tea or coffee somewhere pretty


Go have tea or coffee somewhere pretty, with or without a friend who is in the same boat. That way when you look at each other with that vacant expression you both understand.  Somewhere great is Burnt Orange in Mosman (http://www.burntorange.com.au).




Meet up with a friend for a drink or two. If you’re keen to go into the City, you can arrange the child handover with your husband at the station or bus stop, he gets a ride home and you get a ride out. A great daytime place for drinks is Icebergs ¬†Dining Room and Bar (http://idrb.com/bar/), you don’t need a reservation for the Bar area and it’s got a great view. It’s also not kid or pram friendly so grab the opportunity to do something unusual.



Shop, Alone!


Go do your seasonal clothes shop. For me this is generally limited to sale season and the outlets because I love a bargain. I’ve been known to barter once or twice to the absolute dismay of my husband. You will never believe how much easier it is to do this without kids in tow – no pram, no whining, no ¬†handbag spewing out nappies, snacks and drinks… (as is evident from the above pic – those little gaps between beautiful things is not made for prams and packed handbags not to mention dirty grasping hands) It’s amazing and again you get something out of it at the end. I would recommend Birkenhead Point Outlet in Drummonye for this exercise (pun, notice the pun, okay maybe it’s not a pun but I thought it smart ūüôā ). If you’re after the high end designer labels the DFO Homebush is for you. Birkenhead Point is situated at¬†19 Roseby St, Drummoyne NSW 2047 and DFO is situated at¬†3-5 Underwood Rd, Homebush NSW 2140.

I hope you take my advice and do one of these things, maybe even more than one and maybe even more than once.

Good luck and remember – you deserve it! I may even take my own advice.





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