Taronga Zoo – Mosman

Taronga is an amazing place to visit whether it be as a local or a tourist, as a family or a couple. Taronga is unique in that it is a tourist attraction in itself but then it also boasts some of the most spectacular views of the City.

I’m very critical about animals in captivity but it seems that a lot are rescued. Taronga also gives you a sense that they care about of the care and conservation of animals and not just making a quick buck.

The tickets for Taronga are not cheap but once you’ve seen the quantity of species homed and the quality of the place it will make sense. Additionally, included in the price is Sky Safari – it is a cable car ride from the bottom of Taronga up to the top entrance.

[SIDEBAR: You can often get specials on Groupon, Cudo etc and and this year the Zoo is running a promotion whereby you can go for a dollar on your birthday.]

There are three main ways to get to Taronga:

  1. Car – with kids this is probably the easiest option. There is generally sufficient parking during the week and during holidays and weekends you will just have to get there early (as if early with children is ever possible).
  2.  Ferry directly to the Zoo from Circular Quay (Warf 2). It’s only a 12 minute trip! From the wharf the Zoo is very evident, you can then take the Sky Safari up to the entrance and walk your way down.
  3. Bus – there are various options that run from the City and from Chatswood Interchange.

My top tips for visiting Taronga are:

  1.  Don’t go during school holidays if you can avoid it! It’s such an awesome place so it’s always crowded on weekends and school holidays.
  2. Start at the top and meander down, always take the Sky Safari up. You do not want to walk up those hills, my legs have paid that price.
  3. Pack spare clothes for water play. I would also recommend taking a small hand towel to dry off the kids so you don’t have to listen to them moan because they’re wet 🙂
  4. Water play is best at the farm yard but it’s packed over the lunch period because of the heat.
  5. Seal show at 11 is great and bird show at 12. You can easily catch both shows. If you’re not with kids then you could even fit the gorilla keeper talk in at 11:30.
  6. Don’t sit in the front row of the seal show unless you want to get wet but do try get early to sit under the shade cloth.
  7. If you’re a zoo friend, validate parking ticket before you go into the park.
  8. Don’t eat at Fish.Stop its dreadful rather take your own fruit and snacks.
  9. You can pick up a map at some of the little shops scattered around (easy to lose with kids in tow).
  10. Pack wipes or napkins because your kids are going to want to touch everything they see!
Mom and baby gorilla



Seal show on at 11 am



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