Hallstrom Park, Willoughby

Hallstrom Park according to the internet is situated at 2 Small Street, Willoughby. I have inserted a map below so you can see for yourself – the red pin is where the internet says Hailstorm Park is and maybe the park is but I would aim for where I have dropped the purple pin (just before the restaurant called The Incinerator) as this is where the playground is.

Image 2016-02-22 at 12.21 PM

There are a few reviews of Hailstorm Park on the internet and I had a look through these before heading off to see it for myself. We landed up parking at the red pin and walking through the park to get to the playground, up a massive hill with my three year old complaining the whole way – not ideal.

So, at the playground there is a swing set, climbing frame and two slides and those bouncy things you sit on (no clue what they’re called, you know the things with the big spring and handle bars). Its manageable with a pram as there is a walkway around it.


What is cool is that off down a path from the playground (walking in the direction of Willoughby Road) is a cycling track for kids, complete with road signs and bridges. My three year old could have spent all afternoon at this track. You must however keep an eye on your little one on his bike or scooter because it is adjacent to Willoughby Road.





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