Ahoy me hearties – Horrible Histories of pirates

Running until 27 April 2016 at the Australian National Maritime Museum Horrible Histories is a great exhibit for kids. Although a sign up says 6 years + our 3 year old loved it.

Its down at the bottom end of the Museum – follow the green dots pirate wannabees and remember to pick up your pirate picture as you pass by the ticket counter. The pirate picture has missing elements which you need to stamp onto the picture as you go through the exhibit.

The exhibit starts with some info on pirates which info your kids will probably run past to get to the first activity – killing rats. I have no idea how the rats from the overhead projector splat because I too was having too much fun.

There are activity stations all over the exhibit, our 3 year old loved the following:

  • making his own flag
  • turning his and his sister’s portrait into a pirate
  • firing cannon balls
  • stamping his pirate picture
  • fixing the pirate ship
  • digging for buried treasure
  • staring into the eyes of some skulls to find out more information about pirates
  • making dad pose as a pirate

See all the pictures below.

You can buy tickets just for the exhibit (Adults $20, Children $12 and Children under 4 are free) or you can buy BIG tickets that are the museum tickets that allow you to see all of the museum and vessels (Adults $30, Children $18).

Be warned there are pirate items on sale – knowing in advance helps you prevent an unnecessary purchase (wish we’d known this).

For parking information and more information on the Museum itself – check out my blog post on the Australian National Maritime Museum.

In anticipation of attending the exhibit, you can download your own pirate hat and eye patch from the ANMM blog which you can find at https://anmm.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/pirate-hat-and-patch.pdf.


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