East Lindfield Park…

Very underwhelming is how I would describe the much raved over East Lindfield Park.  

The address that I picked up on a quick Google search is 8 Wellington, East Lindfield but you can also use 13-15 Hughes Pl, East Lindfield NSW 2070.

The playground isn’t big but it has the basics – a climbing frame with a slide, a variation on a swing and an unconventional see-saw (the last picture below is of the weird see-saw). My 3 year old managed everything with a bit of assistance to get up the climbing rope. My 1 year old was desperate to get involved and yelled until I put her on the ‘see-saw’ and let her have a slide. The 18 month old we were with tried his hand at everything and enjoyed himself. 

As the park reflects on a number of websites and there is the Deli in the Park adjacent to the park the playround is generally quite busy. 


The other good aspects of East Lindfield Park (other than the enclosed playground) are: 

  • Good grassy areas with plenty of shade
  • Plenty of parking (you don’t need a parking ticket but it is limited to 2 hours)
  • A little shopping Centre that houses an IGA, butchery, bakery, chemist and green grocer
  • Deli in the park  http://www.deliinthepark.com.au

We took a picnic blanket, bought some great quality fruit from the green grocer and sat just outside the playground. My son was able to come and go as he pleases and I could see with our baby and watch him. 

We did have a few close encounters with cheeky birds who tried to eat the biscuits we had brought so I would be careful to keep your food covered if you take a picnic. 

East Lindfield Park is nice but it’s not fantastic. I wouldn’t drive more than 10 minutes to get there, if there is a park close to you with an enclosed playground rather go there.


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