developing Easter Family Traditions

As a child Easter Sunday was special, the ten minute drive from church to home was the start of the Easter Egg hunt. The drive home was spent trying to spot the Easter Bunny, somehow it was always mom and dad who spotted him. A window seat was the converted place to be – who wants to be in the middle looking in the back of someone’s head when you could have a prime viewing position. Once at home we’d have to walk around the block – the long way round, through the park – to find the Easter Bunny but by the time we got home he’d already left, leaving Easter eggs and chocolates hidden all over the garden. 

The Easter Egg hunt continued way into adulthood and now is something I enjoy with my own kids. They’re too small to walk around the block so I have to hide the eggs while they watch a quick tv show instead (excellent parenting – let them watch tv so that they can be hyped up on chocolate later). 

My husband also makes bunny prints using flour and then takes photos to show the kids that the Easter Bunny came to visit.

I think it’s great to have traditions with your family, either something that’s been passed on or something that you start as a family now. Should you be looking for your own new tradition here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Easter egg hunt. Surely this is on the top of most lists. With ours it’s not just eggs but chocolate for adults and a toy for the kids, just something small. Everything gets hidden in the garden, at this stage in a small section but as the kids grow so too will the search region. 
  2. Easter picnic. The weather in Sydney in great this time of year and Easter is a special family time so remove yourselves from TVs / phones and iPads and head outdoors to enjoy a bite together. 
  3. An Easter Show. Across the world Eater time seems to bring with it a carnival / festival or show of some sort. I know families that have gone to the same festival year in year out since they were little kids. Sydney has the Royal Easter Show and the Easter Parade amongst other events. 
  4. Easter tea complete with hot cross buns. Traditionally, hot cross buns used to only be eaten on Good Friday but if you’re like me, you’ll try eat as many as humanly possible by the time you see them in the shops and then swear them off forever.
  5. Family roast lunch. This would be similar to your Christmas lunch I suppose. It’s a nice excuse to get all the family together. 
  6. Deliver Easter cards to your neighbors – a bit random but a nice thought and a fun walk for the kids. 
  7. Make Easter baskets for one another and then open them up after breakfast in lieu of having an Easter Egg hunt. You get so many different types of nice baskets in the stores or you could have the kids decorate them – would make for a great craft afternoon! 
  8. Attending a church service together. I know up north in St Ives North there is a great family church which even has tea in the middle of the service. 
  9. Watch an Easter Movie together, there are a number of movies regardless of beliefs or tastes (Hop, It’s The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown, Springtime with Roo, The Dog who saved Easter and it can’t go unmentioned although not for kids: Passion of the Christ).
Easter bonnet for Day Care



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