What we keep in our medicine chest 

Again, a disclaimer 🙂 DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse nor any form of medical specialist.

 I’m just a mom of two small kids who has been through a few hospitalizations and horrible illnesses with them. While these two are generally healthy immigrating has seemed to have knocked them hard and when they get something they achieve the sickness with the acumen of a Fortune 500 CEO. 

Thus, I have a medicine chest, it used to be a box, then two boxes and now it’s a chest. I try cover as much of the unknown as I can but I’m not always covered because then it would be the ‘known’ as opposed the the ‘unknown’ 🙂 and with a little boy… you just never know what they’re about to find, touch or discover. Yay for us parents!!

I’m not advocating for brands but rather the type of medication you need so where I refer to a brand it’s only to utilize an example, what you choose to buy is up to you:

  1. Plasters (always good to start a list with the stuff you have already, it’s an immediate win).
  2. Two different types of pain meds – you want to have a paracetamol based pain med and a ibprofen because they work on different systems in the body and if you can’t get one two work you can use them in conjunction with each other – under the direction of your medical practitioner. It also helps to have two different flavors of panadol in case, in an emergency or in the middle of the night, your child suddenly decides they detest the taste of strawberry. Been there done that. 
  3. A saline solution for flushing out the nose. When you buy it make sure you read the information on the box carefully, sometimes it says ‘Saline Solution’ and you think it’s only saline but it has other stuff added. The smaller your babe, the less of the other stuff you want in. 
  4. Burnaid or a burn shield. 
  5. An antihistamine. There is nothing worse than picking up your child from school and they’re blotchy all over and you’ve got no clue what it’s from. 
  6. A topical antihistamine cream for localized rashes.
  7. Hydralyte. If you’re stuck at home alone and you’ve got children vomitting everywhere it’s not so easy to go out and get them something. You can get a box of iceypoles that you can pop into the fridge. These are a winner in our home the children fight over these like they’re Zooper Doopers, even if they’re not sick. 
  8. Antibacterial wipes, solution or cream. With kids there is always going to be a fall, scrap or scratch in the future, well with us at least. 
  9. Bandage. You won’t believe the number of circumstances you may need a bandage in – snake bite to twisted ankle or hurt hand. 
  10. Throat lozenges. These come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve started using the ones that look like lollipops as it is waaay easier to convince a toddler to use it. 
  11. Syringes and medicine spoons aplenty. In our house these hang out with the pile of missing socks and tupperwares – we wouldn’t know where to look, especially in the middle of the night if they weren’t all in the medicine chest. 
  12. Digital thermometer if you can afford one. We have one that goes on the ear but only because that was all that was available at the time. If I was to buy now I would definitely look into that versus the forehead one.

The above are just the basics and what I replenish if we run out. Your basics will depend on the needs of your kids and their past medical history I suppose. 

I’ve got a whole host of other things because I’m a little strange – tweezers (for splinters and other nasties that get stuck), specimen bottles for bladder infection tests (our poor little girl has been down that road), paediatric nose spray (for when noses get really bad), toddler vitamins (just a case of buying on special and stoking up like a hoarder).

That’s also just the children section 🙂 I know, now OTT in the adult section we have anti-nausea, anti-cramping, cough syrup, anti-bacterial mouthwash, flu medication, transact patches, decompression socks. And everything has been used before. I’m actually not sure that’s a good thing – I mean it’s tried and tested (sounds way better now). 

Thanks for reading and if you feel there is something in your medicine chest which is a ‘need to have’ please add it to the comments section. It’s always good to be over prepared I when it comes to kids being sick. 


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