Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne (trike park and playground)

Last weekend, while dad got a lie in, I took the kids to Brightmore Reserve in Cremorne. I had read that it had a great little trike path and I wanted to check it out myself. 
Brightmore Reserve is opposite Primrose Park (if you know where that is ūüôā ). The address I got off Google before setting off was 1 – 13 Little Wonga Road, Cremorne. This took me quite a convoluted way. When we go back next time I will put Young Street or Wonga Road in as these two meet at the park entrance. 

There is plenty of parking across the road, if you get there early. By the time we left at 11:00 the playground and trike park were pumping. 

The cycle park is awesome, it has petrol fill up station, pedestrian crossing and places to stop and visit or drive through. Added to that are the fire engine and ambulance which you can ride on. 


 The playground is pretty and functional – swings, a slide, balance surfboard and a miniature see-saw. 
There are a few benches and tables and when we were there a birthday party was in progress. Caused a bit of chaos for the children not invited who were desperate for octanaut balloons. Shady and flat large grassy pieces make for perfect picnic spots. 

This is a great park for playground purposes, trike purposes and picnics. It is suitable for little ones and toddlers. The only downside to the park is that there are no toilets yet, but they are in construction according to a sign on the playground gate. 


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