Sealife Sydney Aquarium – Darling Harbour

Sealife Sydney Aquarium is located in Darling Harbour (a short stroll from the Starbucks – thank goodness), in the same area as Madam Tussauds and WildLife. The official address is 1 – 5 Wheat Road, Sydney, 2000. I would consider public transport to the Aquarium as parking can be on the expensive side unless you find a good deal on the Wilsons Parking Garage in Darling Harbour (Website link here). 

We’ve been twice in the last year and it is definitely a worthwhile visit if you can get the tickets on Groupon (I’m still in two minds as to whether I would pay full price  when there are so many other great things in that price bracket). 

Tickets are generally $40 but you can get them online from Sealife Website. The website says you can get them as cheap as $28 but I haven’t been successful in getting that cheap outside of Groupon. We got tickets on two separate occasions from Groupon for $26 due to a Groupon sale (winning I tell you!)

My favourite parts of the Aquarium are when you walk through through the underwater tunnels and you watch the animals swim over you. I just love it. When my littlest was just 5 months we took her and lay her pram back so she could just watch the fish above her – she was utterly mesmerized (hoping for a marine biologist in the making, kidding, not really 🙂 ). 

My second Favourite part (because this is clearly all about me living vicariously through my kids) is the Dugongs. I love love Dugongs. I don’t think I have any pics because I get too excited trying to explain them to the kids. 

Aside from the tunnels there are plenty to see:

  • Displays of sea horses, jelly fish, shrimps, penguins, turtles and plenty more. 
  • Little exhibits designed for children (my 3.5 year old was much more interested at this age than he was at 2.5)
  • Nemos and Dorys aplenty (as a parent – you get how cool this is)
  • Glass bridge with fish underneath
  • An area where you can colour in a picture of a fish, scan it in and it appears on the wall with all the other computed fish
  • A touchable display – you can actually let your little ones touch a starfish. 

There is a whole lot to see and I find that the kids are ready to go just after half way through (45 minutes in) so be prepared for some moaning if you stop to look at everything.

The whole Aquarium is pram friendly and it’s definitely manageable by one parent with two kids in tow.  

It’s a great way to spend a rainy day with your little ones. Just be careful of the shop on the way out – there are many many bright and colorful objects your child may try take home. 


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