18 frustrations only parents understand 

  1. Dropping the last clean dummy / pacifier on the garage floor or street.
  2. Running out of formula when you’ve put half the powder into the perfect amount of water which has been brought to the perfect temperature. 
  3. Having THAT Disney song stuck in your head all day.
  4. Being stuck indoors for a week due to rain or sick kids. 
  5. Not being able to find a parking when you’re already late and you’ve got children screaming in the car demanding the activity you’re late for. 
  6.  A dirty nappy just before you get the second child strapped into the car. One in, one out and one dirty nappy. 
  7. Broken tv or dvd when you’ve promised 15 minutes of tv and you need to get the washing out the washing machine. 
  8. Getting to the trike park and realizing you’ve left the helmet or scooter in the garage at home. 
  9. A bottle of expressed milk exploding in a handbag or car seat. 
  10. Lying down for a nap (after you’ve been up all night) and your baby wakes up 1 hour and 50 minutes before she should. 
  11. All the washing being unfolded or cupboards unpacked after you’ve just folded or packed … The second time. 
  12. Sharing a lovely bath with your child only to be vomitted on or pooped on, out of nowhere. 
  13. The crumbs, all over your house. 
  14. Having your pants pulled down or bra exposed in public while your hands are full .
  15. Trying to get grandparents on board with your parenting rules.
  16. When your phone, iPad or computer is washed, flushed or thrown. 
  17. Having food or drink or both spilt all over you on a plane… At the beginning of the flight. 
  18. Trying to go to the toilet ALONE. 
  19. When they make you want to laugh or smile when they’re meant to be sleeping or you’re in the middle of disciplining them. 

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