St Ives Village Green Playground

Not much to it, just swings, a climbing frame and an enclosed littlies playground. There is no shade over the playground with is not ideal. The toilets also look a little suspect (sorry readers I ain’t taking one for the team to go check them out).  

But the littlies playground is lovely – it has one of those tiny slides, swing and see-saw. 

Both playgrounds are covered in those red wood chips so falls, if they happen are well cushioned. We had a serious fall from midway up the jungle gym and were okay, granted he was wearing a helmet (because that’s how he rolls). 

The playground is a hit with our 3 year old son because of the skating ramp next to it. He rides his bike around the Village Green and then hits a few slopes, after the compulsory playground-play of course.  
The other benefit is the shops are across the road. 

There are some benches alongside the playground and a table and chair set should you want to bring some food with. There are plenty of shady areas in close proximity to the playground if you want to have a mini-picnic for morning or afternoon tea. 

On the weekend there are a few kids playing but during the week it’s deadly quiet and you can have the playground to yourself, unless we’re there ūüėČ 



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