Dee Why Beach 

It’s a beach perfect for slightly older kids, I feel like the beach itself isn’t great for a 3 year old unless it’s low tide and really calm day but the sea pool and playground are a hit for the youngsters.    
The playground (located in what the map below calls the Ted Jackson Reserve) represents the South End of the beach and this is where you’ll find the grassy spots, ping-pong tables, ramp access to the promenade and sea pools. 

The above pic is the South end at high tide and the below is of the same spot at low tide.

The South End is also great for swimming with little ones on low tide and it provides ramp access. 

If you’re child-free and its high tide, go swimming in the south end, the way the walkway is structures means that a pool is created and it’s just beautiful. Below is a pic I managed to grab on such a day. 

The North End, at which the surf life saving club stands, is where you’ll find the surfing area and main swimming area for children in high tide. It is also the area closest to the life guards and has a bigger area for the kids to play in. 

There is a wide promenade along the beach which is often packed with scooters, trikes and prams. It makes for a nice walk early morning or late afternoon if you’re keen for a short stroll (it’s not as long as the manly or balmoral promenade) and then a dip in the sea. 

There are two parking spots to aim for when visiting Dee Why, the south end parking is along Oaks Avenue: 

The North End parking is within the area the map below calls the James Meehan Reserve. You would aim for Dee Why Parade and keep going East until you found the entrance to the open parking on your left.


The playground is very cool, it’s the best beach playground I think (Manly’s playground has nothing on this one). There are plenty of climbing areas, slides and swings for everyone to enjoy.  

The other cool aspect of Dee Why Beach is the sea pools. 

There is a shallow sea pool which my 3 year old navigated perfectly (in the front of the above pic). Adjacent is a deeper sea pool being enjoyed by adults and children, the depth varies and there is a ramp and stairs to access it. 

There are plenty of good spots to grab coffee along the Strand and a little place on the promenade itself, between the playground and the pools. 


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