Red Nose Kids Cuts, Dee Why 

Our baby’s first haircut… seems ridiculous to get emotional about it but for some reason I feel like it’s a special moment that should be captured and remembered. It’s as if they go from being a baby to a little person after that first haircut. Their face looks different, their hair looks more mature, it’s just too much I tell you!!! I know this is our second baby and I should be over it but I’m not, okay 🙂

With our first son, we got lucky and the first place we went to gave us a certificate with a lock of his hair. It was so special! Such a lovely token to have and like any good mother, I kept it and stuck it in his baby book (having lost hundreds of other things 🙂 ). 

So this time round we had to do the same thing, (again like any good mother does). 

After loads of searching I found a place in Dee Why that would do just that. Cut her hair, keep a lock and give it to us with a certificate. And that place is Red Nose Kids Cuts Dee Why (Contact info here).

I emailed and got a reply within 2 hours confirming an appointment for the very next day.  

I’m so glad this is where we went, it was so cute and the lady who cut her hair was just lovely. 

The place itself is small and within the Fitness First building at Corner Pittwater Road and Waringah Road – look for the Fitness First or Officeworks signs. For a GPS address try 800 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, 2099.

Red Nose Kids Cuts is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 4pm. We went late Saturday afternoon which worked well because there was only one other family there.

The space is small but it’s got plenty of entertainment (a.k.a distractions) for the little ones like:

  • Amazing seats – a motorbike, a car and a pony. 
  • The biggest soft toys I have ever seen. 
  • Lots of little toys and gadgets, my daughters Favourite was the Frozen mirror which played music and reflected pictures of princesses. 
  • A little TV with loads of different DVDs to watch. 

Our daughter’s haircut cost $20 and we got a soft toy and certificate with that (it’s part of a ‘first cut’ package). 

It was such a hit that our son has agreed to come back next weekend for a hair cut. To say that I am amazed that he suggested getting a haircut is an understatement! 

And to boot the haircut was excellent, just a pity she looks so grown up now 😢


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