St Ives Showgrounds Playgrounds and Trike Track 

After living less than 5 kms away for 10 months we decided we should give this trike track a try. We set off with balance bike and scooter in the boot, as you do with a three year old (they will change their mind once they’ve got there and then scream like you’ve run over their foot with the car). 
The showgrounds are set off Mona Vale road between Richmond Road, St Ives and Forest Way Terry Hills. Going East along Mona Vale Road if you see Bunnings on the right you’ve gone to far and if you’re coming west along Mona Vale Road and hit St Ives suburbia or the sign that said 60kms you’ve gone too far. 

At first we couldn’t figure out where to go, there are quite a few parks and it’s a big place (and I had two shouting kids in the car). Lucky for you I found the below map online! 

I counted three separate playgrounds:

The first is at the entrance on the left. Benches and tables allow you to have a picnic here but it is quite close to the entrance which means there are cars coming and going and isn’t well fenced off. 

the first playground we stumbled on

The second is the one with the trike park, also has picnic tables and chairs. The trike track is okay, it’s not made up with different sign posts and sections (like the Hallstrom Park or Brightmore Reserve) but it does wind around the playground grounds and is enclosed by a wooden fence (there are gaps in the fence which your escape artist could get through if they wanted to so be careful). The playground isn’t the best but it is enough entertainment when coupled with the trike path. 

And, and, it is opposite the ‘model aeroplane flying arena’ … Can you handle it. You can ride your bike or scooter, climb a play set or tree and still watch model aeroplane a being flown. How amazing is that for a threenager or any boy for that matter!? 


the second playground with the trike path (excuse the poor quality)
The third is as you leave the playground tucked into the back of the show grounds. This looks like the nicest of the three playgrounds by far. I think when we have a free afternoon or morning we’ll pop out to explore this one a bit more. 

In addition to the playgrounds there are also lots of little picnic spots which you can enjoy. Feels like you’re a million miles away from suburbia. 

The only problem with the showgrounds is the distance to the toilets, there seems to be only one set of toilets near the exit which is a loooong way to go. 

On the way out we drove past some dogs being taught in the ‘dog ring’ proof that you never know what fun you might stumble on here. With two dog lovers who can’t get enough of the Hairy McLairy book series we had to stop and watch the awesomeness.  


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