Bilgola Beach

Seems like it’s a hidden secret, so low key, empty yet beautiful. Feels very raw with the waves breaking heavily and a small area for swimming but it’s stunning stunning stunning. 

It’s between Avalon and Newport Beaches. The web and GPS is generally corner Bilgola Avenue and Allen Avenue, 2107 but you should turn off before that if you want better parking. 


You know you’re going the right way if you’re heading north along Barrenjoey Road, take the left shoot into The Serpentine and then take the first left. 


Not that much parking in the primary parking place but we got there just before 10am and there were still plenty of spots. It is ticketed and $3.40 an hour. Most of the parking is shaded which is great and there are toilets and a cafe at this parking lot. 


the cafe in the main car park
There (is what I would call) secondary parking if you go past the first parking lot on the right you’ll find it on the left.

As you walk out of the main parking lot left will take you to the north and right to the south (makes sense seeing as it’s the east coast, ha ha). 

We set off for the North end today as the life guards were at the north end (don’t know if this is always the case) but the north end also appears to be the surfing spot and at the very end are some rocks. 

The south end has the ocean pool and we will def check this end out next time. 

We really enjoyed this beach and you should be able to gauge why from my awesome pictures. If I can get good pictures, even with my thumb in the way of the camera you must know that it’s a good looking place. 

I’ve just discovered a new site from which you can check out their weather and the conditions: (it’s a surf report but it covers some good basics like air and sea temp).   

Only downside is how long it takes you to walk from the parking to the beach. You can get closer by driving all the way to the end of Allen Road as there is access and the end of Allen Road, but there are only 10 spaces.
Will update this post following our next visit which I’m hoping will be soon, if summer will hang around a bit longer. 


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