Mother’s Day: 33 ideas on how to treat MOM 


A lovely day out! Going out to a farm or a restuarant with a view. Make sure to take a few pictures.


A lovely morning in. Let mom sleep in then wake up gently without any screaming 😉 then breakfast of her choice maybe on her own followed by a good cup or tea or coffee and a magazine to read with her hot beverage.


Nail polish. Def going to order some of these. I’m a big fan of Essie and OPI.


Perfume. You have to know your partner, mom or female relative very well to buy perfume. If you’ve got access go look at what she already has and this will give you a good indication of what she likes.


Music. I love a good CD. Yes it’s old school but I love it. I know how to use a CD player, it can go in the car when it’s just me and the kids and I feel it supports the artists too (how nice am I hey). Ah, imagine my husband made me a mixed-tape-CD. I would love that!


A mani or a pedi. Need I say more?


A gift voucher for her favourite shop because it’s not about the amount it’s about the fact that you’re implicitly saying ‘go buy yourself something’ and ‘go out and do something for you’ and ‘this is not to be spent on me or the kids’. It’s so much more than just a voucher 😉


An experience you know she’d love whether it be a high tea with her bestie, a surfing lesson or a movie ticket it’ll be the time out she needs.


A family photograph shoot. I don’t know any mom that thinks she has enough good quality pics of her family.


Personalized jewellery or nice earrings. Most women loves pretty things.


If your mom has plenty of jewellery then a stunning jewelry box could work or a trinket box for her to put her really special pieces in, I used to have a silver one with a velvet interior and it was so beautiful. Very special.


Set of gorgeous comfortable pjs. Winter is coming and we all want to feel warm and cuddly when it’s cold outdoors.


Flowers but maybe flowers and a vase or a potted plant that she can keep for a while. I would say orchid but I don’t know what type of genius you have to be to keep an orchid alive.


Beautiful candles or diffusers. I love these and can never convince my husband to get them so Mothers Day is the perfect excuse for me to get my full. You got to get the good quality ones.


A handbag. Which woman doesn’t love a handbag!? But keep it simple, stick with one colour (black, tan, white, dark blue or brown) and simple style (tote, messenger bag or hobo). If you’re a dad reading this maybe ask a female friend or relative for help 😉


A card from the kids or a card with the kids’ handprints or footprints. The inner creative in me says all you need is child + paint + card = magic.


If Mom is a reader you could get her a book or a kindle or a magazine subscription.


For mom’s that wear scarves or pashminas you will agree with me that you can never have enough. So, a good quality scarf or pashmina is always a good option.


A custom photobook. There are hundreds of places that do this now and you don’t even need a computer at home – most good sites have an app you can download and then you can use the photos off your phone. So easy!


A nespresso machine. It has been my lifesaver! If that’s out the budget just get a gorgeous mug (or two) and fill it with ready made cuppachino sachets, coupled with a classy packet of biscuits that could make one very happy mom.


Box set of her favourite series. There are a few I have been addicted to over the years and would watch them a thousand times over.


An angel from Willowtree. Each one has a unique character and name to accompany it.


Bath pampering – bath salts, bubble bath, body butter and hand cream.


Champagne. Although I’m not sure I’d ever get the chance to enjoy it again but it would be Pink Moët Chandon for me 😉


A stylish phone cover case or key chain. Both accompany things mom carries every single day of her life.


Some super special chocolates or delicacies all beautifully packaged. I’m thinking macaroons from Zumbo or chocolates from Adora.


Personalized necklace with children’s names or birthdates.


A thick and fluffy dressing gown or slippers. If you’re reading this in the northern hemisphere then a lightweight dressing gown would be great.


Any beautiful home decor item she’s had her eye on. There is a very fine line here – you have to make sure it’s something she wants and wasn’t going to buy herself and not something she will open and think ‘oh gee a gift for the house, how dull’


With coloring in being the rage at the moment you could always go with a colouring in book (for adults) and some beautiful crayons. You get some really fancy crayons, I’ve even see Andy Warhol inspired crayons.


For the super sporty mom a Fitbit may be the answer or a mom who just wants to count her steps, I’m the latter 🙂


An appointment with the hairdresser or just a cut and blow wave – every mom feels better with good hair!


Let mom have a nap and bake her a cake. I love cake and it tastes even better when it’s made with love from the kids (and half the batter on the floor).

Regardless of the above, all a mom really wants is to know that she is loved and appreciated. So if you just tell her that, it’ll be gift enough!


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