Bernie Mullane Sports Complex Playground, Kellyville

Last week we went off to Kellyville to meet up with new friends, we headed to the impressive playground in the Bernie Mullane Leisure Centre. 
My internet search wielded the address as Marella Avenue, Kellyville, 2155 while it didn’t work so well when it put it into the GPS the Centre is massive and easy to spot. The playground is also visible as you enter to it’s a good enough address to follow. 

The playground is all that soft spring stuff, a bit of fake turf and then a grassy patch. There is shade and benches so it adequately provides for picnickers. The only problem is that the toilets are in the main building so if you need to make a run for it with one of your children make sure you’re wearing your running shoes. 

The playgrounds has a variety of slides for all sizes, some swings, drums (yes drums!!), hoops to crawl through, ropes to climb, plastic stepping stones, lots of little spring rides and spider nets. 

The photographs are very limited – my apologies, my daughter was trying to eat the wood chips the entire time we were there. We will be back though and will take more pics and post them. 

The parking is extensive so you won’t have a problem and it’s all easy to access with a pram. The entire playground is enclosed so you don’t have to worry about your escapologist trying to make a break for it. 

There wasn’t a trike track but there was so much to do and explore that my three year old was entertained! 

The most INCREDIBLE part about this playground is that there is a swing for children who are wheelchair bound. How amazing! I love that this has been thought of. It looks safe and it’s privately fenced within the playground. 

The playground was busy busy but we did only get there at 11am and it is school holidays so next time we will go earlier and update the post ūüôā I am not sure there is a cafe, I didn’t see one but I will also look into this because who doesn’t need a coffee or fourteen when it comes to parenting. 


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