Berry Island Reserve – Park and Bush walk

Berry Island Reserve is beautiful and has an awesome playground! Until I was invited by a friend to accompany her and her tot to Berry Island Reserve I didn’t  even know that Wollstonecraft had greenery and such good views.

Situated at the end of Shirley Road Wollstonecraft, 2065 is the reserve. There is parking on the street (it wasn’t available when we were there due to building or something) or you can take the train to Wollstonecraft Station as it is a ten minute walk. Personally I would never take the train because the hill from the reserve is enough to make you want to put up a tent on Shirley road and never leave. In the below map the pin is the reserve and the blue dot, the massive blue dot is where the playground is.



The reserve has the playground which I will go into detail about in a bit but it also has a giant area for picnics and a bush walk called the Gaydan Track which shows off some of the areas Aboringinal History. There are toilets as you enter the Reserve on your left and BBQ facilities with a couple of picnic tables.

The playground is fantastic!! It has been “custom designed” and you can tell – every is perfectly set in the natural bush. The jungle gym is surrounded by trees which are perfect for hiding in or exploring from the jungle gym, there are a variety of slides and swings and plenty of rocks to walk on. There are plenty of climbing ropes and ladders too – just what my son ordered. There is just enough grass to picnic on while watching the fish in the water.

The park is well shaded and as you can see there are benches for weary mums and dads.


We chanced the Gaydan Track and it was really lovely except when my three year old needed to be carried which sparked the one year old running down the track because no one was holding her back. But I digress, it is a beautiful walk to the point of the Island and back around to the same starting point, it says online that it should take 20 minutes but I think its a bit longer when you’re stopping to look at mushrooms, lizards and huge rocks.

During the walk you feel a million miles away from Sydney until you spot the bridge peeking through the trees of the Westfield tower over the water or the Anzac bridge in the distance.

If you are going with more than one child I recommend you take more than 1 adult. There are lots of rocks and tree trunks to trip up on and the sides of the walk fall away to the water. The lookout is fenced but its not very well constructed – you want to hold on to your children to keep them from falling through!



I like this place a whole lot and will definitely take the husband there and visitors to Sydney. One last point, try get there before 10h00 because it seems like 10 is when all the grannies on grandchild duty arrive (aah, if only my children’s grandparents were closer – they too would be dispatched there).




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