Mini Golf, Wheelers Hill, Melbourne

Mini Golf / Putt Putt is a blast and a great family activity. We managed to keep our 3 year old entertained for at least 12 holes with the 1 year old hitting a few balls here and there.

We landed up driving 30 minutes inland to Wheelers Hill to play at Wetlands Golf and Games and it was well worth it. With two separate courses, one under cover and another outdoors it doesn’t matter if its rainy and windy or sunny because you can still have a great time.

Wetlands Golf and Games is situated at 703 Wellington Road, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3170 right next door to Pitch and Putt Golf Waverly (as soon as you see Pitch and Putt slow down to get into the entrance of Wetlands).


Be careful its closed Mondays and Tuesdays and as it is Melbourne there is a weather warning: if the weather exceeds 33 degrees, the place will not be open.

While opening hours are from 10am to 5pm the last game starts at 4:30pm.

Its $12 per adult for 18 hours and $17 for 36 holes but I can’t see many families getting through 36 holes if you have as many “re-takes” as we did. There are various options for family tickets but as we didn’t have to pay for our 3 year old or 1 year old we just paid for the adults in our party.

Even though we didn’t pay for the kiddies, they still got a club and ball and were allowed to play – the club for the 1 year old was too cute!


We got to play outside in the afternoon Autumn sun. The course is off from the road and enclosed by trees and shrubs the whole way around bar for one gate that I saw, it was locked and hard to get to so I didn’t have to worry about our toddler toddling off.


There are dedicated family bathrooms with a changing table and there is a cafe where you can treat the winner to an ice-cream or a coffee. I am not sure about baby chinos – we will report back after our next visit.

The outdoor course itself is not pram or wheelchair friendly but it was perfectly manageable for our 1 year old to walk along with us you just have to pay extra attention to them as the ground is uneven, there are a few steps and the odd water obstacle.




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