The Potting Shed at the Grounds, Alexandria 

Mom’s day out is always a big occasion – maybe wear make up, put on child unfriendly jewellery, something dangly maybe. Love it! This time I set course for Alexandria which is slightly south of Sydney to visit the much raved about Potting Shed. 

The Grounds is not a football field or parkland as I had expected but rather an oasis in the middle of a factory / warehouse area, a number of dining spots on a block all themed to make you feel like you’re in a forestry garden in the country. It’s pretty cool. 

The Google address is 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, 2015. This will take you to the main entrance of The Grounds and from there you can weave your way through to the Potting Shed which is on the South East end of the block.  

Parking is insane on the weekends due to The Grounds’ popularity. You could always take the train to Green Square Station and then do the 1km walk if you have the time – if you do this, make sure to take the Bourke Road exit. 

Parking Options courtsey of The Grounds website

We had a delicious lunch at the Potting Shed with most people ordering either the Cheeseburger or the Pumpkin Fatteh. (Not all items are available from 4:15 onwards) I had the pumpkin and it was really good and a massive portion – I couldn’t make it through it all and took some home for the kids to have with their dinner. The only down side is that the Potting Shed doesn’t serve coffee you have to go to another eatery and bring it back which isn’t a problem unless you don’t want to have to make the short walk (I was on a time budget). But it does serve alcohol and juice, which it says it’s famous for. 

Booking wise there are limited reservations as most tables are for walk-ins but you can try book online at
The Potting Shed is only open from 11:30 most days except for Saturday’s and Sunday’s when they are open from 11am. 

The setting is just gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re a million miles away from Sydney (bar the hundreds of Sydneysiders there). I love all the flowers and the greenery and the decor behind it all has also been carefully thought out and chosen. 

The service was good (just order as soon as you can because the kitchen is busy busy) and we were able to pay the bill by card (only if it’s a 4 way split) which is a help when you’ve no clue where an ATM is and you don’t carry cash. 

After eating you must take a walk around the grounds, visit Kevin Bacon the resident Pig at the petting zoo and take a few selfies against the luscious backdrop of the Grounds. 

I will definitely go back but during the week so I can have a proper walk around and explore. Next time will check out the Cafe or the Garden. 


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