Gift Guide: 7 gifts for the Baking Mom 

  1. Every baker needs an apron and as I’ve learnt some good kitchen gloves. You can get a gorgeous pair from any home shop or online. I love   almost everything from Bed Bath and Table here in Australia. You get so many styles you could spend forever looking.   
  2. A cake stand. It’s the type of thing you rarely buy but often use. You can get glass, ceramic or even wood. 
  3. Personalized recipe book, I’ve seen some amazing ones in South Africa and in Australia so I’m sure you can get them pretty much anywhere. For UK readers there is an awesome one on and for readers in the States, Etsy has quite a few too.    
  4. If you’re going to go big then go for a Kitchen Aid, my mom is from the Kenwood club but my Kitchen Aid is awesome and so quiet so I can bake when the kids are asleep. And they come in such pretty colours.   
  5. A baking class, I often see classes on sale on GroupOn, either for cup cake decorating cake making or chocolate making. 
  6. I love love le creuset and thanks to my mom-in-law I’ve garnered quite a collection. I love my mixing bowls and ramekins. I often give the ramekin set of 4 as gifts.   
  7. The book called Bake. It’s a beautiful book with recipes from around the world.  Another alternative is Annie Bell’s Baking Bible. I can attest to both books. 

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