Pablo & Rusty, The Plaza in Lane Cove

Took the family down to Lane Cove to meet a friend and check out the Village that everyone raves about and it was lovely lovely. The Village just comes alive on a Saturday morning, with families everywhere. What a cool place to be on an Autumn morning with the family.

Spoilt for choice there are loads of places to eat, have a coffee or grab some freshly baked rolls. We settled on Pablo & Rusty due to its location and reputation of delivering good coffee and food. This is one of several locations in Sydney.

You can find Pablo & Rusty at The Plaza, 13 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, the pin in the picture below is where you’ll find them. I would aim to park in the big council parking on Rosenthal Avenue – coming east down Burns Bay Road you’ll turn left into Rosenthal and then you will see the car park on your right. My educated 🙂


Pablo & Rusty is close to the green patch in the Village, the astro turf covered by a shade cloth which allows kids to have a bit of a run and sitting outside you can watch them while you have a coffee and a bite to eat. There isn’t anything that is specifically catered to for children nor do they really provide for children but they don’t need to, i just made sure I had some back up food for the littlest in case she decided today was the day she would not eat big girl food.

It very chilled, the type of place you order at the counter and take a number back to your table. We sat on high chairs around upturned oil barrels (my three year old thought it was awesome). My kids love croissants – which you will know if you follow me on twitter or Facebook – so that’s what we and it was really good. Dad had a bacon and egg roll which he hasn’t stopped raving about so I reckon that was good too.


Today in the Village was extra special because there was music – a band, a freaking band! My kids love music and a bit of a dance so this was just too much fun to handle. A place to kick a ball, croissants and then music to dance to. Needless to say they were asleep by the time they hit their car seats.


Pablo & Rustys Lane Cove is open every day until 4pm: from 7am during the week and on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays.

The pictures I’ve taken of the Village aren’t great – my apologies I will do better next time 🙂


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