A day in pictures 

An ordinary day started with the kids unpacking a shoe cupboard then an hour later they unpacked the bookcase down the passage and an hour later there was peace and quiet (which I wanted to prove to their dad) consequently I found that I had been taking pictures every hour unwittingly. I decided to keep a photographic record of what we do every hour… This is that record: 

7:30 am – unpacking the shoe cupboard (yes there is a baby right in the back of the cupboard trying to get maximum disaster).   

8:30 am moved down the passage for some more unpacking peppered with a bit of light reading   

 9:30am and the littlest is asleep. Phew. I realize from looking at this pics that she may be the instigator 


 10:30am arriving at Sydney Olympic Park for an Expo. New places to go and things to see and do.  
 11:30am Playing hard inside the expo. They have now both been exposed to ‘chalk’ not sure it’s a good thing.  
12:30am Sharing ice-cream. Sometimes they can be so kind to one another.   

1:30pm Fast asleep in the car (I wasn’t driving when I took this photo of their reflection in the rear view mirror)  

2:30pm They’re still sleeping so I can put my feet up and drink a Milo in peace  

3:30pm Been a busy day with all the hard work so just having a cuddle on the couch. Both children temporarily happy after a sleep. 

4:30pm Nuts we haven’t done any washing today. Never fear mom and her shadow will get on to that.  

5:30pm It’s getting dark early so we better have a quick game of football with our new beach balls. Dinner soon.  Clearly the big brother is the boss of the game and in charge of rule making. 

6:30pm One of their Favourite times of the day – bathtime. Almost bedtime.  Look at them looking lovingly at their dad, so sweet. 

The end of their day has arrived. 


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