Vivid Sydney 2016 at Chatswood

Eight displays running from 27 May to 13 June. There are displays at the Chatswood Interchange, the Concourse, Westfield and Chatswood Chase. The focus is dinosaurs and the prehistoric. Some interaction activities and other visual displays. 

After having visited on a whim we thought we’d done everything  we could but we seemed  to have missed out on Chatswood Chase which is only open during the day and limitedly on Thursday night. 

Hopefully this post will help you see everything as efficiently as possible. Taking kids out at night means efficiency has to be key. Lights go on at 5:30pm and are on until 10:30pm we got there just as it started and did it all in an hour, excluding traveling time and eating time. 

Below is a map that I have managed to download, for your own copy, click here for the link on the Visit Chatswood website. 

We used the train from the Northernline and got out at Chatswood (obviously ;)). As soon as you come out of the terminal you walk straight into the first interactive display: The Prehistoric Avery

 The Avery has three dinosaur birds that are powered by three exercise machines (I am sure that’s not the way the organizers describe it). Essentially children over the age of 5 can pedal, step or cycle so that the birds can flap up and down. Our 3 year old was allowed to use the stepping machine, sit on my lap while I pedaled and sit next to the bike and use his hands to pedal the third. He absolutely loved it. Out 1 year old watched memorized at the birds going up and down, making a noise. 
Somewhere near here is another display: The Bridge of Illusions but we didn’t find it. Granted, we weren’t aware it existed. 

We then took the lift to Chatswood Mall (the walking strip that takes you to Westfield and the Concourse normally). Here we came across The Stomping Ground. There are projections on the Mall’s floor which is an explosion of colour with animals swimming and creeping. The kids went nuts trying to chase the fish, dragonflies and dinosaurs. The only downside here is that the kids often resort to lying down on the floor which is quite gross. 

We walked past the Westfield display but didn’t really notice it – Neon Dino Nights.

The next big feature is at the Chatswood Concourse which has the Gondwana Light Lab, a big installation across the theatre roof, the Primordial Pond with three dinosaur eggs and Exoskeleton Encounter which as our 3 year old said ‘it’s humans dressed up as dinosaurs’ it’s pretty cool even though it freaked out our 1 year old. The pictures below are in the same order as listed above. 

 We then ventured off to Chatswood Chase thinking we could visit the Luminarium but not having researched Vivid Chatswood I didn’t know it was only open during the day from 10pm – 12pm, 1pm – 3pm and on Thursdays from 5pm – 7pm. Now I know. Maybe I’ll take the kids down again later in the week. 

There are lots of restuarants open, a few food stalls along Chatswood Mall, Gloria Janes at the Mall and McDonals at the Interchange. 

I enjoyed it as did the kids. Just dress up warm and make sure you have some blankets in the car. 


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