Stanley Street Cafe, St Ives 

The best sandwhich have eaten in so long I don’t even remember what I thought was better before I ate this 🙂 pulled lamb with hollumi and crisp sweet potato on sourdough. Wow wow wow.

The address is 15 Stanley Street St Ives but the entrance is through the carpark situated on Stanley Lane.  To get to the parking I would rather put Stanley Lane into your GPS. Just be careful entering Stanley Lane as it is very narrow. 

What the map below doesn’t show is that you can get through to Stanley Lane by entering the YMCA parking lot off Porters Lane. Driving through that carpark will take you into Stanley Lane. Another note on the map – that McDonalds is not the fast food chain it is a pharmacy. 

The vibe is not really child friendly, as you’ll see from the pictures and you have to be careful with the tables with their sharp metal edges. However, the menu did have kids food, there are babychinos and I did spot some high chairs. Also in favour of kids, the staff and other patrons were quite chilled when I visited with my daughter, even when she played peekaboo in between the chairs.

I dropped in for a coffee and stayed for lunch because the Pulled Lamb Sandwhich special on the chalkboard looked too good to miss. I’m so glad I tried it but now I need more, I’m definitely going to have to go back and go back soon! The AllPress Coffee is also good. Check out some pics of the cafe and their food on their Facebook page here. Below are two (not-so-great) pictures of the menu. As I go back I’ll update with what we eat. 


Stanley Street Cafe is open 7 days a week from 6:30am, until 4pm Monday to Friday and 3pm on the weekends. 

The only downsides are that the outside area is right in the parking area and I’m not sure that there are bathrooms close by but I’ll also check on this next time we visit. 


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