Sandbucket Play Centre and Cafe, North Narrabeen

Three separate play areas for kids of different ages and a cafe that serves food and coffee. Sounds good to me. 

I took both kids out on a blustery (very Winnie-the-Pooh-esq) to an indoor play Centre on the Northern Beaches, I’ve wanting to explore the area a bit more so I was glad when I stumbled on Sandbucket Play Centre and Cafe on Facebook (link to FB page here).

The playcenter is housed in the Pittwater Sports Centre, the address of which is 1525 Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen NSW 2101 (going North it is on the left hand side on the road). 


The entrance to the Play Centre is through the Cafe. You will also need to pay the entrance fee at the Cafe. As at June 2016, the entrance fees are: 

– $9.50 for kids 3 and over 

– $6.50 for kids under 3 

– $5 for under 12 months 

– Adults are free. 

Upon payment you’ll get arm bands for the kids so you can get in and out of the Centre should you need to eat or go to the loo. 

The Cafe serves Danes coffee which was really good and has a variety of meals and snacks (healthy and otherwise). Some people seem to come in just to eat at the Cafe and there were a few kids in school uniforms eating. You can pick up a frequent coffee card which gets clipped each time you buy a coffee. Make sure to pick up a copy of Child Magazine at the counter if you can.  


The menu seems pretty extensive but we didn’t get a chance to sample anything other than the chocolate donut ūüôā 


There are three separate play areas the smallest area is the one for kids under 2. 


The only problem we had with this area on the day we went is that some bigger kids were jumping in the ball pit to the disregard of smaller kids.

The medium size play area must be dedicated to ages 2 – 4 (working from the signs on the other two play areas). It is a climbing frame with a slide, tunnels, obstacles to walk through and climb over. 

The biggest play structure is marked ‘4 years plus’ and it is big! It has a ball pit, four big slides, flying foxes, steps and obstacles to climb up and through. 

The Play Centre doesn’t have its open bathroom, you have to go into the gymnastics hall to use the bathrooms and from what I could see there was no baby changing area (but I could be wrong). 

The Play Centre is generally  open from 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8am – 4pm on Saturday and 9:30 – 4pm on Sunday’s. However there is a disclaimer to the weekend operating hours: it may close earlier you have to phone and check if they are open and hours differ during school holidays. The phone number is 0299137421. 
There are a number of rules to be observed (there may be more that I didn’t see so be on the look-out) including:

  • No outdoor food to be brought in
  • No food other than adult drinks to be taken into the play area
  • Coffee / tea / drinks to have a lid on in the play area
  • Kids must play in socks
  • No heeled shoes
  • No nappies to be changed in the play area
  • Adults not to be on the slides
  • No walking on the slides 

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