Gift Guide: 7 Gifts for the Home Entertainer Mom

I love buying homewares of any sort but it drives my husband nuts so I have to rely on presents – giving and receiving – to satisfy my addiction.

Here are some ideas of things I love and own or wish I had.

  1. I love flowers and I feel as though other people who love home decor and entertaining do too. They bring so much life and emotion into whatever space you put them in and it is always awesome to receive flowers.
  2. Little serving bowls, perfect for when you’re having a cocktail party or a dinner or just hanging out at home and are looking for something for olives, condiments, nuts, fruit or little nibbles to go into. I own some very plain ones from Maxwell and Williams and then some lovely little whale ones (I love a beach theme but understand if they’re not for everyone). These below, from are so stylish.  
  3. Candles or a diffuser – there are some beautiful candles / diffusers out there. My Favourite brands at the moment are  Circa Home, The Aromatherapy Co, Beach House and Peppermint Grove.  
  4. Decent serving spoons or salad serves. Not ones that are plastic or from the grocery store’s limited homewares or kitchen section but lovely ones catered to her taste. I have some gorgeous Carrol Boyes ones from South Africa which I just love. You can order the online from the Carrol Boyes website.  
  5. A magnificent light reflecting or a beautifully simple glass vase. There are so many vases but so many are tacky. You either want a heavy vase that makes a statement without absorbing all light around it making spaces feel smaller and darker or you want something with clear lines that lets the flowers talks. My favorites are a heavy crystal one my husband bought me which refracts light everywhere and a plain glass cheaply one we bought for about a $1.

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