Parsley Bay, Brooklyn NSW 

Cool winter weather and a somewhat sickly baby made us venture out of Sydney, somewhere quiet to a place where we could picnic and the kids could run off some energy with a scenic backdrop and without making any other kids ill. I had heard about Parsley Bay on the Hawkesbury River so I sold the idea to my husband and off we went. 

It’s 40 minutes North of Sydney’s North Shore along the Pacific Motorway and 51kms from Sydney CBD. I would drive because it’s a bit of a far walk from the train station with little ones and a picnic in tow.  

A good address for the GPS is George Street, Brooklyn, NSW. Once you get to Brooklyn aim for George Street. Once at George Street keep going to the end of the street where you’ll find the parking lot overlooking the water. 

There is no much to it: a walking path that rounds the head, a few picnic benches, a little beach (I am sure this disappears when the tide rises), boat ramps and toilets. There are however some resident ducks and Pelicans which are very exciting! Also very exciting is the chance of catching some fish, we didn’t know that this was possible but we saw a few families with little kids trying their luck. 

We went with the intention of walking from Parsley Bay around the head (McKell Park) and to the playground on the other side but in hind-sight this was very ambitious with two little kids. Instead we just hung out at Parsley Bay. 

We had a picnic on the grass in front of the picnic tables looking out over the water.  

The kids were able to check out the Pelicans, without getting to close and play on the little sand beach. 

We tried to feed the ducks but they hated our lettuce and I didn’t bring any bread because I’d been lambasted on social media about what is and what isn’t appropriate to feed ducks. There were also a few dogs being walked, much to the delight of out littlest. 

There is a good looking coffee shop in Brooklyn (the name escapes me right now but you would pass it going to the playground, McKell Park or Parsley Bay) where you can pick up a coffee and a sandwhich should you rather stay indoors. 


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