Gift Guide, 7 Gifts for the Stay at Home Mom

I’ve been the corporate mom and am now a stay at home mom and this is a list of things I have or would like. It’s not just items but things you can do to make your stay at home mom feel special. 

  1. A great pair of comfortable shoes. Comfortable but stylish let’s say 65% comfort and 35% style. My choice would be my Supergas, they’re stylish (well for walking / everyday shoes) and they’re comfortable. Mine are pictured below.   
  2. All her Favourite treats to nibble on during the day – nuts, choccies, biscuits, candies (all those unhealthy things) or maybe health bars, goji berries, veggie chips (I’ve heard these healthy things can be nice).
  3. A cleaner for a few hours during the day. This will help take off some of the strain of cleaning, washing and ironing. It’s best to get a referral from someone you know so that you know that they are good and a will add peace of mind not detract from it. 
  4. A babysitter for the evening for her to go out with her husband or her girlfriends. I came across one of these services the other day at a baby expo – for website link click here. I haven’t tried them so can’t attest to them. 
  5. Make her dinner. You can get a printable voucher and fill it in for her.   
  6. Take her out for a drink – either a cocktail or a cup of tea. A cocktail is always good if it has a stunning view and a cup of tea / coffee is always good if it comes with a piece of cake ūüėČ
  7. Something stunning from her favourite clothes shop. Shopping is a novelty when you’ve got kids. I would go with a nice shirt, jersey, scarf or good jeans because as a mom you spend most of your life in casual clothes and only buy stuff if it’s on sale and you happen to walk past it while shopping for the kids or your husband. I love Zara, Mango, Forever New and Banana Republic.  
    all of these are from
    All of these are from

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