Lake Belvedere Pram Walk / Trike Ride, Sydney Olympic Park

Lake Belevedere, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park provides a great morning out with the kids. Pack the pram, trikes or scooters and a picnic and you’re set for a good morning out. 

As with anywhere we go for the first time we got lost. Sydney Olympic Park is massive and it’s easy to get lost trying to get there and then once you’re inside. 

Thankfully, Bicentennial Park is right at the main entrance of Sydney Olympic Park. Coming along Homebush Bay Drive / A3 you will see signs for Sydney Olympic Park, going around the big circle at the entrance will land you on Australia Avenue. 


Once on Australia Avenue, look out for signs to turn right into Bicentennial Park. The first right will take you into Bicentennial Park Drive. If you miss that go right into Bennelong Parkway – it’s the first big intersection with traffic lights. 


The best way to enter is along Bicentennial Park Drive, drive all the way around until you see the lake on your left and then find a parking because then you won’t have to push the pram and carry the trike / bike or scooter uphill.

Lake Belvedere has a wide flat path all the way around which you can walk along with the pram or with your little one on a trike or scooter. You just have to keep them close to you because there is no railing between the path and the water. 

There are hundreds of different birds that swim right up to the path and the decks. I took a photo of the identification board at the beginning of the path so that when we came across the ducks and swan my son could check to see which bird it was. 

There are a lot of signs telling you not to feed the wildlife and I would stick to that advice. 

We went out onto the deck to take a closer look at the swans and watch them swim under the decks, look for fish and discuss the fountains (my 3 year old loves to discuss the technicalities of such things). There were railings on the deck which allowed me to put the 1 year old down so she could feel close to the birds. 

The water isn’t blue, it’s more brown which may be a good thing because then the kids don’t rush to jump in it. 

There are lots of benches and grassy patches to sit down either in the sun or the shade. A bit further up the hill are covered picnic tables and BBQs. 


We had a picnic at the top of the hill overlooking the water which turned out to be a good plan because my son instantly needed a loo and the closest one is at the WatervieW centre. They’re not great ablutions but will do. 

There is also a playground at the Village Green which is circled by a bicycle path which makes for another good adventure but that’s a whole other post. You can easily spot it if you’re standing at WatervieW Centre or on your drive along Bicentennial Park Drive. 


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