Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo 2016, Sydney

Today the kids and I ventured to the Sydney Olympic Park (yay, we had never been there before and wow, it is cool – like a whole mini town within a town but I digress, back to the Expo). I cannot imagine there being anything a parent would need that was not at this Expo today. It was pretty thorough.

This is going to be very brief as I want you to be able to get through it quickly, if you are going this weekend. I am only going to touch on the logistics, things I saw, picked up and where the kids played oh and most important – who is handing out balloons 😉

First up, logistics. If you have no clue how to get to Sydney Olympic Park their website is pretty good on directions (click here for a link directly to the Sydney Olympic Park directions page ). I just put Australia Drive, Sydney Olympic Park into my GPS and go there okay. The actual venue is Sydney Showground Exhibition Centre.

The website and your ticket, if you already have one says to park at P5 by the time I got there just before 10:30 (it only starts at 10) the parking was full as was the one just a bit further down the road. What is nice though is that there are walkways and ramps everywhere so it is very easy to navigate with a pram.

The capacity of the P5 parking is a good indicator of how busy it was today (Friday) and how busy it will be over the weekend but the space is huge and there was still space to wheel the pram around and space inside the play areas for the kids not to be overrun. There were a few places that had some serious queues and congestion – the Huggies nappy stand was the first stand we walked into after the entrance and there was a huge queue for some reason.

When you enter, make sure to pick up a wrist band for your child which you can put your phone number on should your child go wandering.

There is an excellent variety of exhibitors from Jalna yoghurt handing out samples to Tressilian handing out information brochures, NUK, Avent, Love to Dream swaddles, Priceline, various photographers and baby boutiques. There are vendors selling prams, car seats and cots and anything else you would need. If you are pregnant or a brand new mom this Expo would be great for you. The only problem is that there is SO much, it can be overwhelming and take all day. We could only be there for the morning as my children decided to stage a full-blown protest / meltdown.

Where did we stop to play – this is the ALL IMPORTANT question if you are taking the kids with you:

  1. Imagination Play Area – castle you can colour in, chalk and chalk boards, hop scotch, dress-up, play play shop and safe soft play areas. img_3370-1
  2. Nurofen has some iPads set up for the kids to colour in on. img_3373-1
  3. Gym-baroo has a circuit set up for little ones to play on. Sorry no pics, my son was too busy yelling about the yoghurt sample having ended.
  4. S-26 Has a stunning stand where the kids can play, listen to a story, colour in or pose for a photo. My littlest loved this.
  5. Golden Ridge Farm has brought some little animals including chickens, ducklings, goats and sheep. You dont have to pay for this (well we didn’t so I hope you dont have to 🙂 ). This is located outside the hall at the exit.

Next most important question – who is handing out balloons: I got balloons from two different sponsors: s-26 and 1300 Home GP.

The reason I dealt with the two sections above first is because you can’t do anything when the kids need to get some energy out so planning your day around having a kid friendly stop every couple of stands means you will be able to get more done.

Now, where did I get to stop and what did we pick up:

  1. Cetaphil gave us some great samples – hand wipes, body wash and daily lotion. We have just started using their body wash and I really like it so I am keen to try out their other products.
  2. Bubs has an impressive stand complete with two tiny tiny goats. All their organic food is on display but you dont need to buy it right away as you can get it at Coles.
  3. We bought the littlest some gorgeous hair clips and alice bands from Kaylee Rose Creations. I cannot wait to get her to wear them and neither can she! They were so pretty, I picked up some extras as birthday presents.
  4. Nanny2U is a company I had not come across so I had to stop and pick up some info and enter a competition to have a night of ‘care’.
  5. Angel Gowns are one of the companies that make gowns for little babies who pass away. Over 4000 gowns have been donated to hospitals, funeral homes and families allowing their precoius gifts to be beautifully dressed.
  6. Nurofen for the standard dosing information brochure.
  7. S-26 Here I signed up for their mum’s club because I feed my kids S-26 Gold and their play area was lovely.
  8. Swim Australia was a must to get information on swimming. living in sydney you cannot ignore how much water your child will be exposed to, either in your home, at school or when out with friends or at someone’s home.
  9. Jalna yogurt had samples upon samples of their delicious yoghurt.
  10. Aussie gave us a mini football which the kids loved.
  11. Tresillian had plenty of brochures on a number of topics and a fridge magnet with their contact details. I think they thought i was a mum in need 🙂
  12. GymbaROO and BabyROO let us sign up for a free class.
  13. NibblyBits for a teething necklace and some jewellery – I cannot speak better of these lovely ladies who helped me out with my very hungry and tired 3 year old. Not only do i love their necklaces and bangles but they are nice people which makes it all the better to support them.

Additionally I would have liked to stop at:

  1. Auskin Sheepskin – want to find out about the pram liner given we are off to the snow this year
  2. Baby Mum-Mum Rice Cakes  – my baby loves these
  3. Britain Advisory Centre – need some advice on car seats but will have to revert to my faithful email antics
  4. Children’s Panadol – they have the best teethers
  5. Huggies – my kids wear these nappies and we go through millions so who doesn’t like a freebie but I was not going to stand in the queue
  6. Love to Dream – I have heard tons about their stuff
  7. Philips AVENT – needed some more dummies (sssh, dont tell my mother)
  8. Small print Silver Keepsakes Jewellery – combines my favourite things – my kids and shiny things 🙂

Last notes:

  • Parking is $5 an hour and you can only buy hours.
  • In case your kids are going nuts, there is an ice-cream stand outside 🙂
  • There are a few cafes you can eat at in the food stalls inside or outside aren’t to your liking.
  • I did see a package babysitting area where you can leave all your parcels to pick up later but I am not sure of the specifics.
  • There are ATMs although most places seemed to take card.
  • As with any good expo, there are changing stations and feeding areas.