Sandbar Beach Cafe, Middle Park, Melbourne

Located right on the beach, a few steps down onto the sand, you can eat or have a coffee while your kids play on the sand. I’m not sure it gets better than that! 

Sandbar Beach Cafe is situated at 175B Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park, Victoria 3206. 

The adult food was amazing burgers through to seafood and salads, it was all good. The children’s food however was not, the chicken and chips served up wasn’t great so my son landed up eating my burger which, thankfully, was massive. 

With or without children this is a lovely place to eat, it’s indoor setting is as nice as the outside and the service was great when we were there. 

Sandbar Beach Cafe is open 7 days a week from 8am to 4:30pm weekdays and to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

If you’re interested in looking at the menu before deciding whether to make a meal of it click here for the menu.



Little Manly: Best Kid Friendly Beach?

Prior to our last visit a couple of days ago Shelly Beach, just around the corner and Palm Beach, further up north, held my vote as top two Beaches for our family but this last weekend Little Manly came to the party!
Little Manly is just around the corner from the Manly Wharf but I’ve stuck a map below. It’s on our GPS which is surprising given how useless it is (it tried to make me do a U-Turn on the harbour bridge… But I digress).

Map indicating location of Little Manly – I apologize for the map, I’m new at this and don’t know how to generate maps yet.

I would use the address as the Little Manly Beach Kiosk or either of the following:

– Stuart Street, Manly 2095, Australia

– Marshall Street, Manly 2095, Australia

Alternatively you can get to the Wharf and drive from there using the picture I inserted above or walk from there, it’s allegedly a 10 minute walk but it’s up a hill and with kids, um no thanks ūüôā

While I have put the two addresses in above you will find when you get there that there is a grassy reserve further along Marshall but try avoid parking there, personally.

I would aim for the entrance nearest to the Stuart and Marshall intersection for three reasons:

A) you can easily access it with a pram

B) you avoid the main parking lot which is up a massive hill

C) it takes you into the middle of the beach (left to the enclosed swimming area and right to the open water area).

The only problem with parking on Stuart or Marshall is that your parking time is limited, to 2 hours in some instances.

The other transport option is the Manly Hop Skip and Jump Bus but as I haven’t tried this I can’t attest to it, I have inserted the link below anyway in case someone wants to give it a go.¬†

[QUICK SIDEBAR: if you want to go to a Manly Beach when coming off the Ferry at Manly Wharf it’s easiest walking to just get to Manly itself, it’s flat and there are plenty of walkways]

Back to the beach at hand: Little Manly. What an awesome place for families with young kids!! There were still some families with older teenage kids floating around and a few couples too but no topless bathing which is great because I do not want to have to explain that to my 3 year old just yet (he can’t see me when I’m holding out his backpack for daycare but I’m sure he’d spot that a mile away and question me for days).


If the pictures don’t sell you on this beach, let the following do so:

  1. The sand is super soft.
  2. The water is generally crystal clear.
  3. There is an enclosed area for the kids to swim in.
  4. There is shade.
  5. Should you get sick of preventing your baby from eating mouthfuls of sand there is a lovely grassy patch to sit on, picnic on etc
  6. A small swing set is situated at the entrance.
  7. The coffee is fantastic at the Little Manly Beach Kiosk and if the smell of the food is anything to go by, the food can’t be half bad.

If you’re looking for a great kid friendly beach on the north shore, this is a must do! Just don’t tell my husband I said so because he discovered it ūüėČ