Centennial Park: Great Easter Egg Hunt 

Happy Easter one and all. This year we tried out the Centennial Park: Great Easter Egg Hunt and I reckon it’s going to become an annual event. The kids loved it and it made for a lovely memory to have of our first Easter in Sydney.

And hey, if it attracts Nicole Kidman and her kids it must be doing something right ūüėČ

Essentially what it is, is a few obstacles the children complete in order to get a stamp and a little Easter egg after which they meet the Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby, show they’ve completed the obstacles and receive a big Darrell Lea Easter egg. Needless to say our 1 year old did not complete the obstacles, she desperately wanted to but couldn’t yet still received her MASSIVE (massive to her) Easter Egg. 

A ticket entitles you to a map and a photo with the Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby. However, do not be fooled, you take your own picture… I thought we would get a photograph out of the whole shebang. I bought a ticket for our 1 year old despite her not really participating but I knew she’d want to get in on the action.

We bought the tickets well in advance online (from Eventbrite) for $17 a child. We received the email ticket, printed it out and took it with us to the event. This was however seemingly unnecessary as they had our kids’ names down on the list. You have a 15 minute window within which to start the hunt but it took us no time at all to present ourselves outside of the education Centre, pick up our map and get over to the first obstacle. 

The obstacles were so cute: 


Coming in from Sydney’s North Shore we planned an hour for traffic thinking that there would be swarms of people but there weren’t and the traffic was not an issue. The parking, also not bad – we got to park just outside the Education Centre on Dickens Drive. 

Next year I reckon we’ll book an earlier slot, early morning and take a picnic and have lunch at the Park.